Grandstream Launches New UCM6100 Series VoIP Systems

Earlier this week Grandstream Networks launched their newest product, the UCM6100 series phone system.

Now you’ve heard me say it before; a phone system, is a phone system, is a phone system.

So what’s the big deal with the new Grandstream UCM6100? Two things: feature set and price.
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Polycom SoundStation Duo

polycom duo

Polycom SoundStation Duo

File this one under why didn’t this exist already.

Today Polycom announced their latest conference phone offering, the SoundStation Duo, which marries VoIP and PSTN calling capabilities into one device.

Polycom SoundStation Overview

The Polycom Duo comes packed with all the industry leading features that you’ve come to expect from Polycom such as:

  • SIP based, with support for today’s leading IP PBX platforms
  • Killer voice quality through Polycom HDVoice
  • Full dial pad and four softkeys
  • White scale LCD
  • Power over Ethernet through a single RJ45
  • Single FXO port


  • Automatic failover from IP to analog in case your network goes down
  • Applications port for connecting a mobile phone when an analog line isn’t available

Polycom SoundStation Duo is a Win-Win

This dual-mode conference phone is a smart move by the folks at Polycom.

With analog line revenues decreasing, but still representing a large chunk of their conferencing business, the Polycom Duo will allow Polycom to merge their legacy SoundStation into their current IP offerings. This will give Polycom them the ability to painlessly phase out their analog offerings without losing revenues to those behind the times.

All while ensuring the market laggards are future proofed for when they final make the switch.

The Polycom SoundStation Duo is now available through certified Polycom partners like VoIP Supply with a list price of $849 USD.

The Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 is a winner

Everyone loves a winner. And fall in love I have with the new Polycom SoundStation IP 5000.

polycom soundstation ip 5000Announced earlier this month, the Polycom SoundStation IP 5000 is the latest in a long line of high quality conference phones from Polycom. At a street price of just $399.99, you might be thinking that the Polycom might have skimped out on the IP 5000.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Designed for the small business and larger organizations with smaller conference rooms the IP 5000 is not small on features (or functionality) like one might expect. The SIP based SoundStation IP 5000 features Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity technology, support for HD Voice and of course sports the iconic Polycom starfish design.

With easy set-up, an intuitive user interface, bright LCD screen, full soft button key pad and all the functionality one would need, the Polycom IP 5000 is packed with everything you’d expect from a conference phone at twice the price. You can even power the IP 5000 via AC or Ethernet.

Add all of this up and one will find that today there is no better choice than the Polycom IP 5000 when it comes to a small business conference phone and for larger companies with smaller conference rooms or private offices.

Best of all the SoundStation IP 5000 is currently shipping. You can learn more about Polycom IP 5000 here.

Rhino Debuts Ceros Desktop Telephony Appliance

I can still remember the first conversation I ever had with a manufacturer about “appliances.”

I’m not talking about my Maytag. I’m talking about the product that today is about as pervasive in the open source telephony space as voice itself.

The year was 2004 and I was fresh off a brow-beating from a relative who proudly proclaimed that the Dell tower (Asterisk loaded) I offered up as their new phone system, “was not a phone system” but a PC.

Well that was then. Today appliances are the way most in the open source game are delivering their systems.
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New Polycom 335 brings HD voice to SMB’s

One of the biggest hurdles confronting the HD voice movement is no longer.
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