Citrix Acquires Cloud Phone System Provider Grasshopper

The feeding frenzy around Cloud VoIP companies continues and this time it’s not an VoIP industry incumbent at the table.

Fresh off the news of Vonage’s acquisition of SimpleSignal for a total of $25 million, SAAS giant Citrix announced yesterday they were plucking Grasshopper, a cloud based phone system provider, from the field.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though Grasshopper touts more than 150,000 entrepreneurs use their services, which starts at $12 per month. If these numbers are true, this would put Grasshopper’s annual revenues somewhere in the neighborhood of $22 million.

That’s a nice incremental revenue lift for Citrix, but what they’re clearly after is the customer base. Critix provides a number of other cloud based services that entrepreneurs utilize, such as GotoMeeting, which they clearly will try to cross promote to current Grasshopper users.

Current Critix customers will likely also now be able to leverage another service from the company, one they’re already using every day.

Jive Continues it’s Growth Tear With Two More VoIP Acquisitions

Jive_LogoJive Communications announced this week that they’ve continued gobbling up smaller hosted VoIP providers by acquiring both COMVOICE and Vocalnet. Talk about a busy start to the year!

Both providers were heralded for their service quality and customer experience, two items most buyers are looking for in potential acquisitions.

Jive has acquired a number of hosted VoIP providers recently, a growth strategy that many of their mid-market Pre-IPO competitors are also taking as traditional acquisition channels become saturated.

Little detail was given behind the deal, other than COMVOICE and VocalNet customers will soon be able to leverage the complete Jive suite of services.

Broadsoft Acquires Telecom Software Provider Leonid Systems

Broadsoft-logoAcquires’ a word you will be hearing often this year. Another Telecom software company has been chomped up.

Yesterday hosted cloud telephone service platform provider Broadsoft acquired telecom software provider Leonid Systems.

It’s easy to see why.

Leonid has developed a number of software solutions that extend the functionality and ease of use of the Broadsoft platform for VoIP providers. Their intuitive web portal for the Broadworks platform that gives service providers a simplified and streamlined way to manage their operations.

This gives Broadsoft another leg-up on the various competitive platforms, such as a Metaswitch, who are all racing to make improvements to support the next wave of provider growth.

Full terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the acquisition will add $3 million in incremental revenue for Broadsoft.

Sangoma Acquires FreePBX and RockBochs Fax over IP service

schmooze_sangomaWhile most around the globe were still working off their hangover, Sangoma announced they had acquired both Schmooze Com – keepers of FreePBX – and RockBochs, a provider of fax over IP service as well as a network / PBX appliances.

The combined acquisition positions Sangoma and its channel to begin offering their own PBX. Even more importantly, Sangoma can now begin offering recurring services that their channel partners can resell.

Here’s 3 keys from the deal.

1//    Open, commercial or other, it doesn’t matter. The ability to now offer FreePBX – or any other distro – enables a complete solution to be implemented virtually every time. Something that has not always been the case. This closed/open hybrid approach positions Sangoma and channel partners to offer whatever is needed to accomplish the deployment goals.

2//     It allows a channel partner to wrap their business around Sangoma. Previously, Sangoma was a piece of a part of a much larger customer solution. Now a traditional telecom reseller has the tools they need to be successful with Sangoma.

3//     The recurring service revenue opportunity.  The acquired RockBochs fax over IP service and the ability to sell SIP trunking ( and hosted FreePBX enables Sangoma and their channel to build a recurring revenues practice into the future. This should also allow them to compete more aggressively in the small medium business area, where their card and gateway business could not fully penetrate.

P.S. Congratulations to Chad Behling at RockBochs. Having worked with Chad as a channel partner for years, this is well deserved.

New Beginnings

new beginnings

Everything happens for a reason. One door closes and another opens.

Whatever way you choose to speak about new beginnings, there’s always a strong dose of excitement mixed with a hint of sadness – in order for something new to begin, something old must be lost.

That’s why it’s with mixed emotions that I publicly announce that I have left VoIP Supply after almost 10 years.

This decision was not easy and comes after months of discussions with CEO Benjamin Sayers about the direction of the company and my own career. After much thought and deliberation, I determined that now was the time for me to take the next step in my professional life and build something new.

There comes a point in every persons life that they need to put their money where their mouth is. To challenge themselves past their envisioned limits and to see what happens when push comes to shove.

VoIP Supply has prepared me well for this time and I look forward to tackling the future head on with entrepreneurial drive, passion and persistence.

I’m a firm believer in leaving things better than you found them. Today, I leave VoIP Supply in the best position it has ever been, with a market leading position, capable staff and smart leaders that will undoubtedly propel the company to new heights.

I look back on my tenure with a glistening eye, proud of the all the achievements, rich with experience, knowledge and a vast network. Forever grateful for all the people who have helped make the company and me what can be seen today, especially the staff that has worked with me over the years and my management colleagues.

None of this would’ve been possible without you.

I will remain with company over the next few weeks in an advisory role as I get to building my own company. It’s a sales and marketing agency focused on providing expertise, advice, execution that drives revenue growth, new customer acquisition and organizational change for startups, early stage, new market entrants and transitioning companies. I’ll have more details for you all as they develop.

Trust that I will remain close to the industry, a space I truly love, but will also be venturing outside of it to gain fresh perspectives, new ideas…and of course see more hands!

Oh and Smith on VoIP isn’t going anywhere. If anything, this development will provide me with more time to devote to this website, something that has been a passion of mine for years.

It’s been a great ride, but my stop is here.

Time for the next trip down the road. Hopefully in a sports car.

I look forward to sharing it with you all.

– G

P.S. If you need to get a hold of me, please email garrett at garrett or call (716) 903-9495.